Some old work

I never tought about setting up a personal web page since now. The cool thing in this last years is that i ‘ve worked mainly in Music Video Clip Buisness ( even is not more a Good Buisness tough…), and all the music bands I’ve worked with, was so clever to post on web the videos in place of me, leaving me as the lazy guy I am.

Here you can find some link to my old videoclips like ” Grandu Festa ” from SaRazza, a great Hip Hop band from my land, Sardinia, my very first work :


In 2008 I’ve shooted an “Instant Movie” (this was the Idea as the producer Marco Benoni tells me at the phone) for Sardinia Media Factory during the Sardinian Jazz Expò , a very interesting test , shooted in two days , edited in seven hours…i need more time damn . But i spent a great time working near two collegues and friends like Marco Gallus and Marco Pani, that creates two differents and greats instant movies, very better than mine. I wish to thank Sergio Stagno that hosts me during the convention.  The title is ” Instruments of Creation” , a concept that i would like to extend in future, shooting more artists playng their instruments, and listening about the reletionship they have with the instrument . Here is the link :

( update : seems not available on web now, I will upload it soon )

Last but not least, here you can find the link for the Kasteddopoli’s promo, edited by Alessio “Plastman” Santoni, a great artist that played the music too.

I’ve posted it few years ago in the Qoobtv Network…and the film is not yet ready…

This is the bad deal with the Indy productions, you know when they starts but you never Know when they will come out. Kasteddopoli 2099 is a Telefilm I’ve written about 8 years ago…Damn, EIGHT YEARS! I really have to finish it…..but when…I dont know yet…


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